After a year (!) hiatus, I have decided to start blogging again. Simply because I miss sharing with you and “sending cosmic questions out into the void”. And to also encourage me to dust off my Nikon and take some photos. The use of my iPhone only for photos is sad in the fact that I will only have grainy 4×4 prints for my future kids to look at. Although my kids probably won’t care to see a low quality photo of wine or my cats (the only things I seem to Instagram. {crazy cat lady/wine-o}. Case in point, photos I have posted the last two weekends:



I promise there are other things I enjoy in life. Like Sunday when my husband and I went to (finally) get a Christmas tree. I decorated our house with garland and bearded Santa statues two weeks ago but the tree just seemed like a hard task. It required driving, pants, etc so it took some time. I woke up at 630am, like I always do on the only day I get to sleep in, and waited patiently til 9am when he woke up- to beg for us to finally hit up the Christmas tree shop. We picked out one we loved (I loved) and brought it home to start decorating.


The cats always help out…


At this point I was getting annoyed because this tree was WIDE. I couldn’t get the lights around it and was using a step stool just to reach around.


That’s when you just let the lights hang all over you and start searching for wine.. it’s the only solution.


But that’s why I love wine, it makes everything more relaxing.


The final project! I did an all gold theme with a touch of white. It’s so pretty and I look forward to turning it on every morning.


I hope you are enjoying the holiday season with your loved ones! It’s the most wonderful time of the year but also the busiest so make sure you take some time to actually enjoy it. Turn on some Michael Buble Christmas music and bake some of these cookies:


Kiss, Kiss