Happy Friday folks! My Friday morning started out with a KILLER leg workout. My gym buddies and I hit up a workout we found online that consists of 6 different butt/leg workouts. We did 50 reps, 4x in a row for each exercise. My legs will be on fire tomorrow.

Here’s some Friday Favorites to kick off your weekend. I’m looking forward to relaxing and making NO plans besides working. I can’t wait to sleep in Sunday and make pancakes with the husband. It will be glorious.


Medicine Ball Workout // Nutrition Nut on the Run

I want to try this workout soon! It looks like a good option for at home as well, just sub a hand weight if you don’t have a medicine ball.



White Bean Chicken Enchiladas // How Sweet Eats

This coming week I’m going to try to get back to my meal planning and preparation ahead of time. I’ve been slacking on the meal prep front over here and am enjoying too many late afternoon salads from Newk’s. This White Bean Chicken Enchilada recipe looks delicious and a great one to make in bulk for re-heat during the week.




Glittery Gold White Manicure// Cupcakes & Cashmere

Those of you who know me, know that I have always bitten my nails. I have finally given that up (such a gross habit) but always keep them short. I like this manicure below: perfect way to still get your white accents in since Labor Day has come and gone. Who adheres to the no white anymore anyways?! Not this girl.



What are some good links from the web this week? Do share in the comments below!