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Good morning! Happy Friday to you lovely people. I don’t know where you are in the world, but the weather here in Mobile, AL is beautiful. If only I could bathe in the sun all day, but alas work calls to me.


Yesterday morning I was drinking coffee on the patio (my normal morning ritual) and my turtle friend came to visit again. His name is Marty.


Then last night, two cats came meowing on our front porch. For those of you who know me, I LOVE cats. And Darin even came and sat with me while I patted them and talked baby talk to them.


I know, I know, black cats are bad luck blah, blah. I love any cat. I want one so bad right now… maybe one day.

So for today’s edition of Link Love, I have some great things to share with you.


This “drop sets” workout from Tina at Best Body Fitness will work your muscles until you can’t take it anymore! These are the best because you leave the gym feeling like you have really pushed yourself. Click over to her page for a full workout description. << Her workouts are killing me this week with Best Body Bootcamp. It hurts so good.




After sharing a hardcore workout with you, I hate to tempt you with the following picture:

Paleo Caramel picmonkey5-003


Yes, these are Samoa Donuts. As if Samoa cookies couldn’t tease me enough, this picture allures me. Jenni at Urban Poser made them grain free (made with almond flour) and a lot more “clean” than most donuts (and Samoa cookies). I’m trying them out. Don’t judge me. They are Paleo. I’m not Paleo but I feel healthy saying it. But I don’t really like red meat so… anyways moving on.


I love this DIY Interchangeable Tray from Kelly at View Along the Way.



She made this for $8 using a wooden tray from a hobby store + wrapping paper = awesome. I love trays and think they are the perfect touch for on top of a dresser or coffee table. Make yours unique for you! Just like she did below:



Well that wraps up this edition of Friday Link Love! I hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful weekend! Soak up the sun (if it’s shining) and time with loved ones!

What was a link you found and loved this week? Share in the comments section below!