Goooood morning! I’m super wired right now even though my alarm went off bright and early at 4:20am. Friday mornings are typically boot camp mornings and a great way to start the weekend. While I dread getting up that early, I love the energy of boot camp and it helps get my weekend off to the right start. We did 4 miles at a park with a major butt and leg workout that left me burning. I have that below for you 😉


It’s been a hot minute since I shared with you last. I headed to Atlanta last Thursday to celebrate my sweet friend Victoria’s wedding. I don’t have a ton of photos to share as I kind of slacked on the picture taking front. I really just took it all in and had lots of laughs and sleepless night with wonderful friends.

My old college roommate and best friend Sarah and I reunited since her wedding last year. Loved seeing her and spending time catching up.


The bride-to-be and I at the rehearsal dinner.


The rehearsal dinner party! Yes, there were lots of attractive Brazilian men in attendance.


The cute couple, Caio & Victoria.



I stayed up with everyone until 4 am on the night of the rehearsal. Probably not the best idea when you are the Matron of Honor and have to be up at 7am to get hair and nails done.


Somehow I made it through the morning and after we were ready we headed to the wedding venue. Everything was decorated perfectly and so cute.

IMG_5621 IMG_5625

We popped some champagne while the bride was getting ready.


Then it was time for the ceremony, I cried a few tears and then it was time to celebrate the Borges’s!


Photo by Theary Meak Photography

I was able to reunite with some great college friends.

Picture 2

Picture 1

Picture 3

Good times were had by all. We danced the night away and I miss everyone already.

Back to reality…

This mornings workout inspired the following routine for you. Bikini season is officially here- well at least here in Mobile. For those of you out West, enjoy that snow.


This workout is sure to lift your butt and cause your quads to burn. I was loving/hating it and you will too. I call it the Scream & Shout Workout inspired by the video below from and you also will want to scream when your quads are burning. Enjoy 😉