Good evening! I wish I had posted on Sunday or Monday about my weekend because now I’m playing catch up! I wanted to share my birthday weekend with you along with some eats as of lately.

Fitness, Flavor & Finds

On Friday night my parents drove down from Georgia and we had a birthday dinner to celebrate my 25th birthday on Sunday!

The night started with some Chips & Salsa and Shrimp Appetizer + Wine obviously πŸ˜‰


My mom & dad whipped up some delicious dinner: Steak with Mushrooms, Broccoli, Rice, Salad & French Bread.


The two most important men in my life: love this.


Sadly I forgot to get a picture with my madre! But I did manage to have her take a picture of me and my birthday gift in the mail from my dear friend Kristen.


One of my other birthday gifts was this beautiful island that my dad crafted for me. Here he is doing some finishing touches on it on Saturday morning.



I’m sort of in love with it.



Saturday afternoon was spent working and then relaxing in the grass behind our house. The flowers are all blooming and it’s just beautiful here.


Then Saturday evening Darin and I got dressed up and headed out for another birthday dinner, just the two of us.


Mexican, my favorite! This little place called Fuego was delicious. I ordered the Grande Maragarita. Who knew it’d be the size of a fish bowl!? I didn’t complain πŸ˜‰


Sunday morning I was treated to breakfast on the patio. Southwest egg wraps with grapefruit + coffee with Darin.


Then we ventured to the beach for the day! It was our first time visiting Gulf Shores since we moved her and it was such a gorgeous day!


This week started off with another birthday package in the mail! I’ve been spoiled this birthday!

From my lovely friends Alex & Erica. So excited to read this Pioneer Woman book! And of course sip some delicious Starbucks, they know the way to my heart.


Eats I’m loving lately:

Darin had to work late tonight so I mixed up this stir fry dish for myself. It was so delicious, you should try!

Sumo Stir Fry for 1:

  • 4oz of Chicken- cut into pieces
  • 6 Brussel Sprouts- cut into quarters
  • 1/2 cup of Kale
  • 1/4 cup of Portabello Mushrooms
  • 1/4 cup of Chicken Broth
  • 1/2 tsp of each: Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder & Cayenne
  • 2 tbsp of Low Sodium Soy Sauce

Cook the chicken until cooked throughout and set aside. While it’s cooking, heat the chicken broth in a skillet and add the brussel sprouts, kale and mushrooms for 5 minutes, until vegetables are tender. Mix in the chicken with the vegetables, adding the soy sauce and seasonings. Stir all ingredients together and serve up! It’s delicious and so filling.


I found these Blue Diamond Toasted Coconut Almonds at Target. I mean, they basically made these for me. These and the Salt & Vinegar flavor.


I’ve heard lots of raves about Justin’s Maple Almond Butter and I’d have to agree: amazing. It’s on sale this week at Fresh Market for $6.99 so I snatched some up!


In fitness news, Best Body Bootcamp is in full swing and working me over as usual! I took my Cardio outside tonight instead of the treadmill because the weather was just too beautiful. I also found these Chevron print running shorts from Champion for $12 and had to snatch them up.


I tried them out on my run and they were awesome. I was definitely a sweaty mess after the interval run as shown below:


I ended my night with some Chamomile Tea + Anthropology Mug << part of my birthday gifts from Kristen.


I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying your week so far!

What’s the best birthday gift you have ever received?