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Good morning! I was hoping to get by here on Friday to wrap up the week but there was no way that was going to happen. A 12 hour work day happened and Saturday was equally as busy with work so today is my relax day! Darin & I have a work meeting this afternoon so I’m playing catch up around the house. Let’s just say the dishes have been piling up all week. I’m hoping to get some food prep and meal plans out of the way this evening for the week so that dinner is ready when we come home!

Here is my life via Iphone this past week:

Lots of early mornings on the patio with coffee.


This recipe for Spinach & Cauliflower Crust Pizza. You should definitely give it a try, I’m going to make it again this week.


Lauren’s recipe for 5 Minute Almond Maple Gelato. This was delicious and I had all the ingredients for it so I made it for a snack one afternoon! If you ever want an ice cream treat at home, just freeze some bananas and throw them into a blender later. Add in mixings of your liking, I loved her flavor combo choices.


Darin’s Pathfinder was totaled in a car accident before we moved so we have been sharing my car. It doesn’t work out too well to do that for long so we went to Toyota and looked at trucks. We decided to lease out this lovely Toyota Tacoma.


Those car salesmen sure know how to work their magic. Although we already had the intention of getting a car, I still hate how they pounce on you as you pull into the parking lot.


Yumm, made these delicious Healthy Black Bean & Turkey Enchiladas. Check out the recipe at Skinny Taste!


Friday was a looong day so I stopped by Fresh Market at 8pm and picked up “dinner”. Aka Blue Chips, Mango Salsa, Chardonnay & Dark Chocolate. Pair that with The Vow on TV and I was passed out by 9:30.


After work yesterday, Darin & I went out for dinner to celebrate our first weekend at our new job. Macaroni Grill it is. I love their fresh Rosemary Bread with dipping oil. Plus a Lemon Drop Martini to wash it down.


Haha this picture makes me laugh. Darin looks extremely excited for his “Mama’s Trio” selection. I think that was a tactic to keep his eyes from closing as he has been working himself to death the past few weeks.


Chicken Scallopini for me: I love Artichoke, Mushrooms & Tomatoes combined with Chicken. Yum.


Sunday morning’s curled up in a big, fuzzy sweater with a warm cup of coffee and this book I’m loving: 40 Days to a Joy Filled Life. I don’t tend to love the “40 Days to…” books but this one is all about changing your mindset and focusing on the positive things in life. It’s needed right now so I’ll take it!


I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday! Here is a little inspirational thought from the above mentioned book,

At any given moment, you can choose to pay attention to what’s present or what’s missing, what’s working or what’s broken, what you achieved or what you messed up, what’s available or what’s unavailable, what’s possible or what’s impossible and what excites you or what frightens you. And in so doing, you will win or lose the battle for your mind…If your emotional life today is not where you want it to be, then your top priority should be shifting your attention to your blessings, to your strengths and to the aspects of your life that are working. – Tommy Newberry, 40 Days to a Joy Filled Life

What recipes did you try out this week that you enjoyed? I’d love some ideas from you!