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Good morning! Happy Friday! You can now rejoice for the weekend is here!
Look what the mailman dropped off at my door yesterday…


I ordered these a while back and have been waiting for it to come in! I have followed BodyRock since 2010 and used to do their workouts. Then Zuzana from BodyRock separated and did her own thing called Zuzka or ZuzkaLight on Youtube. Annnyways, she is awesome and very motivating. I mean, look at her body? And her workouts always wipe me out. So I bought her first DVD series that she released a few weeks back and am looking forward to trying it out this weekend! For 3 DVDs it was only $15.95 plus shipping. Not bad at all.

The ZCut series comes with (3) DVDs and a 30 Day tracking Calender. There are 12 different workouts total and they all focus on cardio and toning which is awesome. I’ll definitely report back with a review! Until then, check out her website and do her workouts for FREE at home 🙂

DSC_0736 DSC_0737

DIY Chalkboard Kitchen Canisters

So the last few years there has been this Chalkboard craze where everyone wants to write with chalk on everything from mirrors, walls & jars. If you don’t know about this, you aren’t on Pinterest.

Picture 1

Or you haven’t been to a wedding recently.



At the shower I threw for my friend Victoria these cute kitchen canisters from Crate & Barrel that she registered for:


Super cute right?

Let’s talk price for a minute. The Large jar is $30, Medium $20  and Small $17. So for a (3) set Chalkboard kitchen canister you are popping out $67 for a 3 kitchen canisters! All because they have chalk on them. Oh and a spoon.

Enter DIY. My sister Leah came up with this idea, and I praise her for it. She gave these cuties to me for a Christmas gift. Now I know they aren’t white but I like clear canisters anyways because I think it adds color to your kitchen to see the food inside.


Here’s what you need for the Chalkboard Kitchen Canisters:

– (1) Package of Martha Stewart Chalkboard Labels– 12/pk for $5.99

– (2-4) Clear or White Kitchen Canisters- these were $3.99/jar at TJMaxx

– chalk- $1 at Hobby Lobby or Dollar Tree

Here’s the DIY Steps:

-Open the package of Chalkboard labels and put them on the jars…

I know right? Tough job. Let’s say you bought (3) jars, and they have varying sizes ranging from $2.99-5.99 at TJMaxx. You will spend roughly $14 on different sized jars & $6 for labels = $20 for Chalkboard Canisters vs. Crate & Barrel for $67!

That’s a win for me. And look how cute…



She also bought me these Owl Measuring cups from West Elm that I had shared on here before. What a gem she is.


Don’t you just want to hold them in the palm of your hand?


I can’t wait to use all of these in our new home! We move in 1 week!! Next Friday we pack up our moving van and head out to Mobile, Alabama! I can’t wait to show you guys pictures of the house and what our new city will be like. Wish us luck 🙂

What’s one DIY that you want to do but haven’t made the time for?

I want to make this glass pane frame/coat hanger for my hallway: