Good morning!! Happy Monday to all of you! It’s been a little quiet around here but I wanted to share my latest adventures with you and later this week I’ll have a new recipe and DIY project for you!

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I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with friends a lot lately. My mom jokes and says I always say, “This will be my last time seeing them!” whenever I come up with reasons to go to Atlanta mid-week for dinner after I’ve worked all day. My great friend Kristen has been down from Boston for the holidays so any excuse I can make up to see her is always a good one.

Kristen & I drove up to Atlanta last Wednesday night for dinner and drinks with our favorite gals: Alex, Erica & Emily << The roomies who hosted the Hell Yeah Women’s Party!

We met at Ormsby’s, a cute bistro/bar in Atlanta. Here is Erica & Kristen, reunited at last. With cutesy blazers on, these girls keep me fresh on the latest stylings.



Erica & I, she’s rocking the Hombre hair and I love it. Typically we are curly haired twins but my locks are currently smoothed from the Keratin.




It’s actually a small world how we all became great friends. Kristen & Emily, (pictured below), worked at Chick-fil-A Corporate together and Alex & I, (below this pictures), worked together at two Chick-fil-A Franchises in Atlanta. Alex & Emily were roommates and Kristen & I were friends & neighbors. We found out that our friendships had crossed paths in the work places and we all started spending time together. Erica is just an added bonus because she’s wonderful and friends/roommates with all of us.

IMG_4738 This beauty, Alex, helped me through some tough times. And by tough I mean, we used to haul around an inflatable unnamed animal in the dead of Georgia summer for our job. I love how tough situations can blossom a friendship.  IMG_4733

And then there is Kristen, my friend since we went to youth group together when we were 12. She is one amazing lady and while I wish we could have lived near each other our whole lives, we still re-connect in an instant when we visit with each other. Don’t you love that about friends?


Some other happenings in my life: I’ve kicked the instant oatmeal packet habit and have been cooking fresh oats in the morning. This helps you control the added sugars and fillers they put in instant oatmeal. (Not saying they are bad for you, just saying.) But I love fresh oats, heated on the stove with a little coconut milk and topped with fresh cinnamon, honey & blueberries. Yummm. Of course with hot coffee on the side!


And of course fitness has been sprinkled throughout my week. I’m starting Week 3 of Best Body Bootcamp but last week was killer. I upped my weight on a lot of the workouts and definitely feel stronger yet sore 😉 One thing I love about Tina’s Boot Camp is the cardio she challenges us with. Friday morning I went out for a run before work and did an interval run. It was killer and definitely got my heart rate up and challenged me more than a normal tempo run. You should try it!


Saturday night my sister Leah & I took my mom out for her birthday. We went to the Alpine Bakery which has amazing Italian food and huge portions.


We shared a warm loaf of bread with dipping oil and some Chardonnay to celebrate.


My beautiful mother with her birthday dessert Cannelloni. You can’t see it very well but they wrote “Happy Birthday” on the plate for her. Happy Birthday mom! She is a wonderful mother.


Here is a shot of all of us as we waited by the dessert showcase afterward. They have cake slices the size of your face and we all took a piece of Coconut Cake home with us to share later 🙂


Sunday afternoon was spent packing up for our move in 2 weeks! And a 5 mile steady run outside. I just can’t get enough of this beautiful afternoon weather. Darin ran 2 of the miles with me and then biked the rest of it. I will miss these pretty runs out on the farm, hopefully Mobile will bring me some pretty running routes!


What’s your favorite way to enjoy the outdoors? What is one breakfast that you can’t get enough of?