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IT’S FRIDAY!! I’m sitting here, coffee in hand, soaking up the morning light before I head off to work. New Favorite: Homemade Misto


I was gifted a Milk Frother for my wedding and it is perfect for those mornings I feel like going the extra step with my coffee. Some mornings it’s hard to press the button on the Keurig machine, you know what I mean?

I’m finding more and more how often I use my phone to take pictures rather than my camera. I blame it on the fact that my Nikon is huge and I don’t tote it around everywhere. But let’s be real, iPhone quality photos are just not as good as a Nikon. Even still, here is my life as of late through the view of my iPhone lens.


I’ve been putting in a lot of work at the gym lately. And this is what it’s been looking like…


Empty. I thought that going to the gym the Friday after New Years would mean that it would be packed. I was the only one in there. Which meant time for a selfie photo shoot. Or two..

PicMonkey Collage11

Don’t mind if I do.

As I shared with you before, I was doing Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp which kept me busy and rarely coming up with my own workouts. That ended over the Christmas holidays and left me to experiment with some workouts. Do you ever have those songs that just make you want to go all out when your working out? Like if I was the only one in the gym I’d start dancing if I could. Here’s a song that will get you pumped… or it does that for me.

And it inspired this workout that will keep you moving. You will go through the whole workout doing the prescribed reps for each move and then repeat 2x after that. Don’t forget to warm-up prior for at least 5-10 minutes and then stretch after. Even if you only get through it 1 or 2x will be better than none and leave you sweaty!


Here are a few links to exercises you may have not heard of before. Otherwise you can type them into Google and I’m sure you will find the exercise.

I started Tina Reale’s 4th Session of Best Body Bootcamp this week. I’ve been counting down the days for this to start because it helps me have a plan for my workouts during the week when I’m busy working and don’t have time to plan before I go. It’s already kicking my butt. As always 😉


And to partner with those workouts has been some healthy eats…


Greek Yogurt bowls with Blueberries & Sliced Almonds ^^^


Lots of Baby Kale Salads and Veggies on the side. I like to load up my salads with Turkey, Sliced Almonds & lots of crunchy veggies. I’ve also been roasting Brussel Sprouts like nobody’s business. Pictured below is my Kale, Lentil & Quinoa Soup from Wednesday. You should try it out.


And to take the edge off… I’ve been enjoying some delicious eats and drinks with some amazing ladies in my life.

Last Friday night I picked up Alex & Erica from the airport and we hit up one of our favorite Atlanta spots- Nuevo Laredo. Every Mexican food lovers dream: chips, guacamole & frozen margaritas.


And of course shenanigans with lots of laughs. These girls always keep me entertained.

PicMonkey Collage9

Saturday morning we hit up the Highland Bakery in the Highlands area of Atlanta. I had yet to visit this famous spot but had heard rave reviews. Word on the street is that Nene Leakes from Real Housewives of Atlanta had her Wedding cake made there. That’s what Alex said and I believe any celebrity gossip that comes from her mouth. And yes I watch pretty much all of the Real Housewives of (insert trashy city) and I love them.

Saturday morning coffee love at it’s finest. I missed the Ray Bans memo…



I had (2) eggs scrambled with spinach, a side of fruit and Alex said the Sweet Potato Pancakes are to die for so I tried one. She wasn’t wrong, they are delicious.


One thing I love about the holidays is re-connecting with old friends. And yes, I still believe we are in the holiday season even though it’s past New Years. I’m holding on as tight as I can. My lovely friend Kristen was down from Boston for Christmas/New Years to visit family and we were able to meet for drinks and Sushi on Tuesday evening. We enjoyed hours of chats, one’s that I have missed from our former days of living in Vinings, GA and sharing a martini at 5 o’clock during the week.


She is seriously so great and I wish we were neighbors. The sushi was awesome too and if you live in Peachtree City, GA, check out Green Ginger Sushi. We found it through a Scout Mob (<<love) but they had delicious Sushi and a cool atmosphere.


Well that about wraps up my iPhone pics of the week. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! What song gets you pumped up for a workout?