Good morning! Happy Friday to all of you! I hope you are looking forward to Christmas- countdown 4 days! Hopefully that didn’t stress to me any of you out. But if it did, I don’t feel bad for you because my countdown is 1 day! We have early Christmas over here and are doing my family Christmas tomorrow evening. So I don’t have that “last weekend before Christmas” shopping time. And yes, I will be running out to the store after work today to finish getting gifts 😉

I wanted to share a “last minute” gift idea with you. It’s DIY and super easy. Plus its delicous. I love everything Pumpkin as I’m sure you have noticed from my shares and recipes. While reading on Angela’s site a month ago, I saw her recipe for homemade Pumpkin Butter. I had grand plans to cook some up before Thanksgiving and bring it to our family over the holidays but it didn’t happen. I figured why not the next holiday? So here it is. Homemade Natural Pumpkin Butter. I was going to make organic but it turns out none of the grocery stores here had it in stock and I wasn’t going to drive 45 minutes to Atlanta to get some.


Check out Oh She Glows for the recipe. I tweaked a few things that I will share with you.

Ingredients pictured below:


I doubled her recipe to make (4) 16oz jars. Plus I decreased the brown sugar to 1/2 cup and the Maple Syrup to 2.5 tbsps per recipe. Doubled it for two batches to 1 cup of brown sugar and 5 tbsps of Maple Syrup total. I don’t like sugary sweet Pumpkin Butter.


I used my Ninja to blend it all up. That didn’t quite work with the capacity of ingredients so I poured half of it out and blended again. You want to make sure it all blends well so that you don’t have clumps of brown sugar in your pumpkin butter.



I used a larger pot so that I wouldn’t splatter when it started to cook. Angela suggests using a wooden spoon to prop open the lid and this works well.


This stuff is delicious, don’t worry I didn’t use that spoon to dish out the Pumpkin Butter. And don’t judge my frazzled hair and no makeup. That’s what happens when you nanny kids all day.


You are supposed to let the Pumpkin Butter cool completely and since the pot was still hot, I transferred it all to a big bowl to cool faster.


Then I scooped the delicious Pumpkin Butter into the cute little Ball jars. You can’t get much cuter than a little jar. Ok, maybe that’s a little ridiculous. But look how cute.



After they are all filled up, you want to keep them in the refrigerator so that they stay fresh and cool.


When you are ready to “gift” them, you can decorate them cutely with a ribbon. I added a tag on later that described what it was along with storage instructions: Refrigerate and can keep up to 4 weeks. << Not like that’s going to happen, I’ve been eating this stuff from the jar.

DSC_0526 DSC_0528 DSC_0530

There you go folks. A cute DIY Christmas gift that any friend or family member would be lucky to enjoy. It goes great on toast, mixed into smoothies or subbed for oil in baked goods! Click over to Oh She Glows for the step-by-step instructions and ingredient list!


I have some great workouts coming your way! I just need to get them all prettied up and will hopefully get them out to you later this weekend!

What’s your favorite DIY gift? Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet?!