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Good evening! I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend. I just wanted to drop by with a little DIY inspiration. As if you needed more Pinterest ideas to add to your board, here is some more for you!

In college, (and until I got married, let’s be honest), my roommates and I basically decorated our apartment with empty glass bottles. Don’t have anything to fill that bookshelf? Oh, I’ve got an empty wine bottle. It has a cool label, it will definitely give the apartment an artsy feel right? Wrong. But we were cheap and obviously had enough money to buy wine (priorities).

So for all of you who drink wine on occasion or simply buy glass bottles for kicks, here are some DIY Glass Bottle Recycle ideas. You can click on the images and see the instruction steps.


Glass Bottle Citranella Candle.

Source: designsponge.com via Carrie on Pinterest

Glass Bottle Planters

Source: recyclart.org via Alayna on Pinterest

Glass Bottle Flower Vase

Source: picklee.com via Kristen on Pinterest

And of course for the holidays.. a little Glass Bottle Light Display

Source: witandwhistle.com via Mike on Pinterest

So I think I’m going to make it a goal to make at least one of these in the next few weeks. I know that sounds simple but I’ve been really bad at crafting lately. I decided to write this post so I could inspire not only you but myself! Also, stay tuned for my diy knitting post! Great Christmas gift ideas coming at you!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!