Thursday is here! Friday is only a few hours away but 5am is coming soon and I know I’m going to be SO tired. I have been crazy busy this week and have had no time to blog. I would rather spend the time working out then blogging about working out 🙂 This week I am juggling 5 different jobs, one in which I am a nanny and I am drained from that alone! It’s the best birth control I can think of, mom’s have some major hard work! Although I like to think I’m toning my arms from carrying a toddler around all day.

I’m sorry but if you Bicep Curl your baby, I probably judge you a little. But I only say that because I haven’t done it.

Part of my Best Body Bootcamp workouts include 40 minutes of steady state cardio or taking a fitness class. (P.S. Best Body Bootcamp is kicking my booty and we are only on week 2. You definitely need to sign up for the one in January!) One night this week I had planned on doing the Pure Cardio section of Insanity and was dressed and ready to do so until I couldn’t find my DVD. I had used it last week and had misplaced it. I spend about 10 minutes wandering around my house, searching random spots only to be frustrated and didn’t find it. It was 8:30 at this point and I hadn’t even had dinner yet. Yes, I work out this late and yes I eat dinner late. So I decided to pop in a Bob Harper Cardio video only to find out my disc drive wasn’t working on my laptop. The fitness gods were against me so I decided to stick it to em’ and make up my own cardio workout. I had basically warmed up at this point!

This is a 20 Min Cardio AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible). You will start with Burpees and do 25 reps before moving on to the next exercise and completing 25 reps of it. Once you finish Mountain Climbers, you will repeat until your 20 minutes are up!

Set your timer for 20 Minutes:

Then get to work!!

Image Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The purpose of this workout is to keep moving and go as fast as you can without sacrificing proper form. For the Suicide Runs, each touch down is 1 rep. For the High Knees & Mountain Climbers, both knees coming in counts as one rep. Challenge yourself even more by doing a 1 mile run before and a 1 mile run after! Make sure you definitely warm-up and cool down for at least 10 minutes to keep from injuring or straining yourself.


This week has been full of healthy eats. As I mentioned Sunday, I am trying to stay focused on clean eating and mindful choices.

For breakfast today I had a Mom’s Best: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal with fresh cut apples on top. It was warming on this cold morning along with a cup of coffee and my new favorite creamer: So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk Creamer. Yumm. I also am in love with this Starbucks travel mug.

I bought a big bag of Organic Celery this week and cut it into slices to eat throughout the week. I like mine with some peanut butter for a kick of protein and staying power. Just for an FYI, while I’d love to buy Organic produce, it’s out of our price range right now and therefore I usually buy Conventional and wash and clean them as I’ve shared before. One produce I will suggest buying Organic from the Dirty Dozen is Celery. Remember that experiment from Middle School where you put celery in colored water and it turns that color? Well that’s what it does with chemicals and pesticides: it absorbs them. Along with anything else in it’s area. It’s typically only a $1 more for Organic so I’d suggest investing. It’s worth it.

Another one of my goals during Best Body Bootcamp is to drink 64oz ++ of water a day. Having my handy 4 Bridges Half-Marathon bottle helps me stay hydrated. I paired it with a Spinach, Turkey & Almond Salad.

Other eats I didn’t snag a picture of but one thing I did capture was my latest reading material:

I wish I could have a home fashioned after Crate & Barrel. And I may buy these little babies now that they are on sale and I will celebrate Fall even when it’s Christmas.

Marble Pumpkin Candelholders

I know.. it’s a real shock that I like something Pumpkin related. But these are too cute. And only $4-8 depending on size.

I hope you have a fabulous night!