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Good morning! You know when you just don’t feel like doing something? Well that’s been me with blogging since last week. The race weekend took a lot out of me and I haven’t felt like uploading photos or writing. I felt inspired this morning. Let’s see where did I leave off..

Oh yeah that half marathon I ran. My weekend started on Friday night with dinner at Yeah! Burger with these lovely ladies (Emily & Alex) + Hillary & her friend.

I had the Turkey Burger with lots of veggies + sweet potato fries. Yum. I love their food.

We headed off to The Lumineers concert after dinner. I didn’t get any photos from the concert but did get this video of them singing Stubborn Love. They were amazing and I’m sorry for the shakiness of the video.

After singing and dancing at the concert, we headed home and I went right to sleep so I could be rested for the next day. In the morning Alex, Erica & I picked up Victoria and we all headed to Chattanooga, TN. Before we hit up the race expo, we stopped by Greenlife Grocery for some lunch at the salad bar.

Victoria & I were running the race together. So glad we didn’t have to do it on our own!

We had a fabulous cheering team: Alex & Erica. They are the cutest.

After lunch we headed over to Coolidge Park under the bridge for our Bib numbers and info packets.

These girls were sweet to wait in line with us.

This is one of the 4 bridges I ran over during the race. It’s called the 7 Bridges marathon or 4 Bridges 1/2 Marathon. Chattanooga is so beautiful.

I don’t know why but I love my race number. I have this weird thing about me where I love for a group of numbers to add/multiply/subtract/divide up to the number 24 and these worked. I know, I’m weird. It was a game I played in middle school that I have never forgotten.

We dropped Erica off to see some of her friends from college and Victoria, Alex & I headed to Rembrandts Coffee. If you are ever in the Chattanooga area, I suggest Rembrandts. I used to come here all the time in college.

Coffee & Macaroons, good carb prep for the race šŸ™‚

I love these ladies and the conversations we have.

After chatting and laughing in the perfect fall weather, we drove around and got a feel for the race course. Then we headed back to relax and shower before dinner. I didn’t get any pics after that but we went to Big River Grille and I ordered Macaroni & Cheese with chicken. It was delicious and it was the first time I’ve had Mac & Cheese in forever! It’s my favorite comfort food if I could ever choose one.

Alex & Erica stayed out with some friends and Victoria & I headed back to get some good sleep for race day! We woke up bright and early at 5am to eat breakfast and drink coffee. These are my long run staples:

  • (1) Wheat Sandwich Thin
  • (2) Tbsp of Peanut Butter
  • (1) Cup of Starbucks Coffee

Hotel coffee doesn’t do it for me and they had hot water in the lobby so I brought Via Packets for Victoria & I to have.

At 6am we were ready to go and headed off to the race!

Long sleeves were a must because it was in the 40s when we started the race.

When we made it to the race start in Renaissance Park, it was still dark out and Victoria and I found a spot to jog and warm-up.

Here we are before the race start! We were both doing the anxious dance because we were so nervous. Once the gun went off, we split ways and headed off!

More to come on my final race time & pics with my family! See you later with a follow-up post šŸ™‚

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