Good morning! We are one day away from the weekend! It was a rainy day over here this morning but the sun is starting to peak it’s way through! I love waking up and seeing the leaves that have fallen on the porch.

I also love to stare out at the fields. You can see the dew out there.

This is one I took a while back from the road that you see in the above picture. I love this view in the summer of all the green trees.

In honor of the rain that came our way last night and this morning, I decided to share a Rainy Day Workout with you or WOD (workout of the day). On Tuesday night I worked out my legs and glutes and then did this AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) to finish off my workout. It’s a great rainy day workout when you want to move around but don’t want to get out in the rain.

For the Squat Jumps you can use your body weight or hold a weight for more intensity. For the Kettlebell Swings you can use a Kettlebell (duh), Dumbbell or anything weighted you can swing. You will alternate 15 swings on one arm and 15 on the other.

You don’t need 30 minutes or 1 hour to get a workout in and your sweat on. 15 minutes non-stop will wear you out! See how many rounds you can do!

I hope you enjoy! 🙂