Good evening! I hope you guys are enjoying your week! Sunday is the 4 Bridges Half- Marathon and I am so ready for it to be here! I had my last long run taper of 8 miles on Sunday morning. It wasn’t my best run as I felt really heavy from eating so much the day before at the farm bbq in South Georgia. But I was still able to keep a 8:12/mile pace which included hills. I am ready to tackle this race and I hope I can keep an 8:15/mile pace for it! We will see 🙂

Some other exciting news: I was selected as a FitFluential Ambassador! If you don’t know what FitFluential is, check out their site to read about the awesome fitness fanatics that make up who FitFluential is! I am so excited and will share more on it later! I just wanted to share my news with you 🙂


I finally found an iFitness Phone Armband that fits my Iphone with the Otterbox Defender on it. Plus my favorite Organic Energy Chews.

Here’s a new workout for you that I did at the gym last night. I wanted to do an upper body, abs and cardio mix so I started with (3) Upper Body Exercises, (3) Core Exercises and then did a Tabata Workout of the (4) Cardio Exercises below. You will repeat the Tabata 1x before repeating the whole circuit 1x more.

Here are some images and links to help you with workouts that I haven’t mentioned on here before/are more complicated.

I hope you guys enjoy! See you tomorrow with What I Ate Wednesday and a new recipe!