Good evening! Fall is here my friends. The leaves are turning all shades of maroon, yellow and orange. A cool breeze is in the air and most of all, a hot cup of coffee warms you from the inside out.

I’ve been sitting on the front porch with coffee, my laptop and a nice bowl of Love Grown granola. Those leaves are just waiting to be crunched.

With fall comes adventure. My uncle has a hunting farm in South Georgia so on Saturday morning my family headed down to spend the weekend visiting with each other. The boys hunted and the ladies did what we do, took pictures, went antique shopping and picked cotton.

We arrived at “Taylor’s Four Corner Farm” in the early afternoon and explored the land some.

Darin’s cousin Nathan & Darin eating some yummy barbecue and prepping for the hunt.

After the boys took off to hunt, the ladies (my mom, sister & I) headed to downtown Thomasville to shop for antiques. The ladies + {my dad} who is an antique fanatic and not a big hunting fan.


Some of the cute antique displays they had at this store, Relics.

After Relics, we stopped by a local coffee shop, Grassroots Coffee. They roast their own coffee beans here and it was a cute stop to fuel our antique shopping.

Iced coffee + milk for me.

After our shopping, we headed back to the farm land to get dinner ready. While we waited for the boys to finish up hunting, we decided to pick some cotton to put in vases back at home. They had stems at the antique store for sale for $10.00 a stem! How about for free from the farm? ๐Ÿ™‚

We had a fun time together searching for good cotton stems and hoping to not find a snake.

We had a great time out on the farm with our family! I love adventures and seeing new places.

What’s the best place you and your family have vacationed? I loved our trip to Atlantic Beach this summer.

See you tomorrow with a new workout!