Good evening! I have been so mia since we moved. Basically we haven’t had internet access on the road and I’m not even trying to do a blog post from my iPhone. We left Miami on Monday morning and road tripped until Friday night when we arrived in Georgia. We had several things to attend to before making it here. It’s a long story but for the next few months, Darin and I will be living with my family while we are in waiting for his job transition. So you will be seeing pictures of recipes in my mom’s kitchen and my runs out on the farm, no more palm trees 🙂

On Saturday morning I had my 10 mile long run on the agenda. Let’s talk about the difference between running in Florida vs. Georgia that morning. Normally I run at 7am and it’s close to 90 but here it was in the 50’s, so refreshing! I didn’t want to run by myself so Darin rode his bike with me while I ran. The scenery is beautiful too.

Fall is definitely in the air here! Can’t wait to pull out the sweaters and boots 🙂

When I got to the 1 mile mark, my pace was 7:58 and I was shocked! I kept running and kept a pace of around 8:00/mile but on the hills I was at 8:25/mile. This run was by far my easiest run in the last few weeks and I know it’s because of the heat in Florida. The roads here are steeper and more hilly so I thought it would be harder but I pushed through! I finished the 10 miles with an average 8:07/mile pace! If I can keep this pace for the race in two weeks, I will be so happy!

Saturday evening our friends Ashley & Cord planned a get together with us and a few other friends. We had a great time eating dinner, catching up and playing games.

The boys: Cord, Caio & Darin. Darin and Cord didn’t plan their outfits to match 😉

The ladies: Me, Ashley, Victoria & Alex. Love these ladies!

I’m the maid of honor in Victoria’s wedding in April! Her and Caio are so cute together.

My man and I! So happy to be reunited with friends.

The one great thing about our hiatus in Georgia is seeing friends!


Today I did this Pound the Alarm Workout and sweated it out! You only need a timer and set it for 12 minutes- 50 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. You will do the following 4 workouts, 3 times through.

For instruction on Ninja Tuck Jumps, click on the picture below. You can also just do Tuck Jumps.


The Donkey Kicks are done like the picture below and you can click on the picture to see step by step directions.


This workout was inspired by my love for Nikki Minaj’s new song, Pound the Alarm. It totally gets you pumped up. Turn it on and crank it up!

What’s your favorite workout song right now?

I’d love recommendations for my playlist for the race coming up!