Good afternoon! I hope you guys are having a wonderful Friday! The weekend is here and I hope you guys have great plans for the weekend! Here is a picture of me at the beach last Sunday. It was a beautiful day here.



My Friday started out at 6am with my typical pre-run breakfast of almond butter, toast and black coffee.

I spent the next hour eating breakfast, letting my food settle and stretching/warming up. This routine worked great for me last week and kept me from any major side cramps. I also wanted to warm-up and stretch well to keep from injury and any more knee pain.

It was overcast and rainy out so I was thankful for no sun beating down on me like usual.

My run went smoothly except for the sprint session I had at mile 5. I saw a man run out of his neighborhood and was running about 1/2 mile ahead of me when I saw keys on the ground. I knew they were probably his so I started running a bit faster to catch up with him. Well, homie was a fast runner and I was already exhausted on the run. I started yelling “Sir!” and of course he had head phones in so that didn’t help. Then I started flailing my arms around at the construction workers digging a trench up ahead to flag him down. They just proceeded to whistle and then I decided to sprint up to him. He was very thankful when I finally flagged him down but needless to say I felt like I wasted my energy at this point. <<Long story basically to tell you I felt like a hero for the day.

My 8 mile run ended with not 1 side stitch and I kept my pace at 8:43 average mile/min. Getting closer to that 8:30/mile time!

As of today I’m 1 month away from the 4 Bridges 1/2 Marathon! So excited to be at the race.

I recovered with my first ice bath of the season. So fun.

It really helps my knee and muscles recover. I followed it up with some yoga and a yummy smoothie!

I’m signing off for the weekend but I’ll be back on Monday with a giveaway for you! It will be yummy in your tummy. Before I go, here is a 12 minute full body- cardio workout! You can get this workout in before the weekend gets moving!

What ways do you recover from a long workout?