Good afternoon! I hope you guys are having a wonderful Tuesday! I meant to talk about the fitness for the week yesterday but forgot so here is the plan for this week. I will be sharing a workout with you today, Wednesday and Friday.


For today’s workout I tested this one out at the gym after having a request for the “saddlebags” area and calves. As I have learned from having a big butt, you can’t spot train an area away. The “saddlebags” area is typically hereditary and will take focused clean eating as well as consistent fat burning workouts. I workout 6 days a week and focus on my eating but still have a cellulite pouch on the sides of my thighs and under my butt! Jillian Michaels even talks about how she has one stubborn cellulite dimple on her butt that she can’t get rid of! So don’t kill yourself trying to get rid of those areas! However, you can always eat cleaner and be more focused. All that to say, here is a Skinny Jean Lean workout for you. I mixed in one plyometric (jumping) move to get your heart rate up! My calves were burning especially during the one leg squats because you are balancing on one leg which engages your calves.

Skinny Jean season is upon us. This workout will give you that Skinny jean lean you are looking for. Or at least that’s what I tell myself so that I have permission to buy these babies from H & M. My husband hates Skinny Jeans but I love them, especially with flats and a flowy top. Oh, I feel the urge to go shopping right now…


  • Here are the exercises for you below. If you click on the image links they will take you to the website that explains how to do the workouts with proper form. Some things to remember is to keep your back straight when doing squats and to keep your knees in line with your ankles.
  • For the Drop Squat Jumps, I hold one weight in my hands and drop low in the squat before jumping back up.
  • For the Single Leg Squats, I hold one dumbbell in the hand of the standing leg and when I squat down I reach it towards the front of my body (12 o’clock) and then when I squat the second time I reach the weight towards the side of my body (3 or 9 o’clock).
  • For the Single Leg Squat with 3 Point Touch, you will squat down on one leg and while maintaining your squat, tap the opposite leg out to the side to 3 points: Front, Side & Back. Repeat these sequence 10 times on each leg.

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Where is your favorite store to buy jeans at? Do you like Skinny Jeans?