Good morning lovelies! I was so happy to crawl into bed last night because my knee was giving me pain from my run yesterday morning. I had 8 miles on the agenda and decided to try some techniques to prevent a side stitch. So I woke up at 6am and ate a small breakfast: toast with almond butter, and then let it settle until I left at 7:30am to start my run. Here are my results:

I only had a minor side stitch and every time I felt it coming on, I would focus on my breathing and blow air out through pursed lips. I also focused on my posture so that I wasn’t hunched over on my ribs like I do sometimes. This totally worked and I was able to finish 8 miles without stopping or having to worry about pain! I was so happy. I finished with an 8:56 min/mile average pace and was happy with that. My knee however is causing me pain, so I came home and stretched a good amount and iced it. Oh! I forgot to mention this was the first time I have run 8 miles by myself, I always ran my distance with a friend so it felt great to accomplish it on my own!


So I definitely love to share challenging workouts but I know that everyone is on different fitness levels. So today I broke up the workout into 2 sections and also incorporated Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced workouts. You can get a great workout doing any of the levels but you don’t want to push yourself and cause injury. I’m not a fitness professional so this is merely workouts I have done and modified.

The first workout is Abs on Fire. These workouts focus on toning your Lower Abs, Upper Abs & Obliques. You will do the 3 exercises for the prescribed reps or time, 3 times through.

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  • For the Sit up Series: Assisted Sit-ups you can have a partner hold your feet while you sit-up or you can place weight on your feet. For the Weighted Situp you can put weight plates on your abs and situp with them on you.
  • For the One Leg Raise you will lie down flat with hands by your side and then lift your head off the mat while you raise one leg at a time from the mat up vertically and then back down. For the Lying Leg Raise you do both legs at one time and the Weighted Leg Raise you can have a weight on your abs as you lower your legs down and raise them back up.
  • For the Plank and Weight, you will hold a high plank and then using your left hand move a 10lb weight underneath your core to the right hand and then repeat back and forth.

The second workout is Arms on Fire. These workouts focus on toning your Biceps and Shoulders. You will do the 3 exercises in a row and then repeat for a total of 3 times.

Photo Source: 1,2,3

Hold weights for each of these exercises that is challenging for you but not too heavy to cause strain or injury.

  • For the One Arm Bicep Curls you will curl arms on at a time and the full Bicep Curls you will curl both arms at one time. For the Bicep 21s you will hold the weight at the top of a bicep curl and curl it up 7 times and then hold the weight at the bottom of a bicep curl and curl it down 7 times. Then you will finish by doing 7 full Bicep Curls. Burn it out! Watch a video here for the form on Bicep 21s.
  • For the One Arm Upright Row, you will row one arm at a time. For the Upright Row you will row both arms at one time. Lastly, for the Upright Row with Alternating Shoulder Raise you will row both arms at one time and then alternate raising one arm at a time to shoulder height. Like this:


  • For the One Arm Overhead Shoulder Press, you will alternating press shoulder into overhead press and for the Overhead Press you will press both arms at the same time. For the Squat into Overhead Press you will hold weights up at shoulder height and squat down. After you stand up, press your weights into an Overhead Press like this:


You can also incorporate both workouts at one time like I did which was to do the 3 arm exercises and then do the 3 ab exercises and repeat the total sequence 3 times. It’s up to you! But I wanted to give you options! I hope you try it out, it was a great workout overall for me.

I hope you guys have a wonderful Thursday! I’ll be back later with a recipe 🙂

What workout would you like to see Saturday?