Good morning! I re-scheduled my long run for tomorrow morning because A. I had Coconut Curry Chicken over Cauliflower Rice, (I’ll share more on that later today), and I know my body would not run well on that and B. I want to do an Upper Body and Abs workout today.


I have a great workout for you today! I tested this baby out at the gym last night and I was getting worked! I have never done Crossfit before but I did a Crossfit boot camp and our workouts everyday consisted of a certain timed AMRAP or As Many Rounds as Possible. I decided to challenge myself, and you :), with a 20 Minute AMRAP. You will complete the following workout in the series it’s listed in and then repeat it for as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes.

This was me before the workout:

First you will do a 1/2 mile- 1 mile run to warm- up and then stretch before starting the workout. Do the full sequence one time through and then repeat and keep track of how many times you finished the sequence within 20 minutes.

I simply set my timer on my Iphone to 20 minutes and got to work. You can practice your speed for the squat jumps and burpees, but make sure to go slow enough for the bulgarian split squats and walking lunges to focus on form. If you want to still get a good workout in and only have limited time, do the workout for 10 minutes!

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I completed the workout in 4 rounds plus the jump squats. I finished off the workout with another mile run and looked like this hot mess. Love it. Don’t be afraid to sweat! There is usually a puddle on the floor where I workout and yes I get a few stares.

Then Darin and I went and played soccer again. Our new favorite thing, if only you could see me running around like a crazy person. I’m terrible at kicking the ball right and of course Darin is great at every sport so he gets it right. I’ll just blame it on the fact that I never played sports growing up..

I hope you like this workout! Here are some Pinspiration Workouts for you:

I’m totally wearing this next time I head to the gym… 😉


What sport did you play growing up? I tried gymnastics when I was young and quit, I was a home body.