Good afternoon! I hope you guys are having a wonderful Thursday!

My morning started out with a 6:30am wake up call for my weekly long run. I had it scheduled for Tuesday but since I did one Saturday I wanted to give myself a little more of a break.

In my quest to get rid of my side stitch problem, I decided to eat right when I woke up and then spend the next hour getting ready and warming up/stretching.

Pre-workout fuel was half of a wheat thin bread with almond butter.

Plus black coffee for energy! And a glass of water.

I headed out around 7:30, bright eyed and bushy tailed.

The sun was still rising so it wasn’t blazing hot like last week.

For the first 3.5 miles I didn’t have side stitches and kept a 9:00/min pace. I felt pretty good and then stopped to eat some Cherry Honey Stingers and drink water. When I started back up for the other half of my run I had to stop every half mile to get rid of my side stitch. Let me just say it’s extremely annoying. Two things that worked but only for a limited time:

  • Lifting my hands all the way in the air while continuing to run
  • Deep breathing that was focused

So I’m thinking maybe the mid-run fuel had to do with it? But who even knows. When I trained for my last half marathon I always used chews and never had cramps.

I finished my 7 mile run with 9:25/mile pace but this didn’t include my stops because I’m in need of a running watch and my Iphone was basically locked into an arm band so that I didn’t drop it and crack it.


After my run I fueled up with this smoothie for Thirsty Thursday:

Chocolate Covered Strawberry & Blueberry Smoothie

  • (1) Scoop of Chocolate Protein Powder
  • (1) Tbsp of Unsweetened Cocoa
  • (1) Cup of Coconut Milk
  • (1) Cup of Strawberries
  • (1/2) Cup of Blueberries
  • (1) Cup of Ice
  • (1/4) Cup of Oats

Blend all the ingredients together and drink up!

Then I lit a candle, put on my Pandora Yoga station and did these two Yoga routines from Runner’s World. Love this magazine and these routines hurt so good on my hips and quads.

Body Shop Pillow Talk Yoga Routine– Runner’s World

This stretch was intense for my hips:

Yoga Stretches for Injury Prevention

These stretching routines were great and really helped me recover after my run. Check back later today for a guest post on training for a race.

What’s your favorite stretch after a workout?