Good afternoon! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend! While I shared the fun we all had on our family vacation, I didn’t really share my fitness with you. For the most part I stuck with my training plan over my vacation last week. My “strength” sessions consisted of workouts in the condo using my body weight. One day I did my Speed Run on the beach and followed it up with this Beach Booty Workout that I typed into my Iphone.


Leg Lift and Side Crunch- Standing on your left leg with your right hand held behind your head, crunch your right elbow towards your right leg doing a “side crunch”.

On another day I completed this workout from Julie at PB Fingers. It definitely left me sweaty!

I missed my Tuesday long run last week since we were still on vacation with our flight being delayed two days. So I ended up doing my last long run for the month of August on Saturday morning.

I kept a 9:10/mile average pace and was glad because I had a side stitch for pretty much the whole 6 miles. I have to figure out what’s causing it and am doing some research on causes. I tried the whole stopping, deep breaths, finger in your side bit and that didn’t help. Any suggestions from you runners out there?

I was so thirsty when I was done with my run so I re-hydrated with NUUN Lemon Lime Electrolyte Tabs. If you haven’t tried NUUN, they are great for using during and after you workouts to help re-hydrate you, especially long cardio sessions.

Here’s my September’s 1/2 Marathon Training Plan. You can find August’s here.

So I decided to kick-off September by sharing some Fresh Life Fitness with you. Starting today I’m going to share (3) New Workouts each week with you for the month of September. For this week, Monday will be an Upper Body & Abs Workout, Wednesday will be a Legs & Butt Workout and Friday will be a full body Cardio & Strength Workout. It’s easy to go into the gym and do some reps on one machine and reps on another but if you go in with a focused plan you will start to see results.

The most you will need for the workouts are dumbbells and a yoga mat or towel. I will be doing my Cardio on Tuesday and Thursdays. Remember to warm up for at least 10-15 minutes before your workouts and cool down and stretch for the 10-15 minutes as well.

  • You will need Dumbbells for these workouts, I used 20lbs, you can use what challenges you. I also used a yoga mat for the ab workouts.
  • For the One Leg Extended Bench Dip, I use a bench at the gym. You can also use a coffee table at home or simply do the exercise on your mat like the girl in the picture below.
  • For the Bent Over Row with Kickback you will do 12 reps on one arm before moving onto the next arm.
  • For the Alternating One Arm & One Leg Plank- Start in a plank and alternate holding your left arm and right leg out and your right arm and left leg out. You will hold each pose for 3 seconds before alternating arms/legs.

Here are the workout images for you, hope they help!

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Here is one of my favorite workout songs right now. Turn it on, crank it up and work it out! 😉

What is one fitness goal you have for the month of September?