Good morning! I have a post coming later today about more of our beach trip but first I wanted to share my Foodie Pen Pal treats!

If you haven’t checked out Lindsay’s site, The Lean Green Bean, you are missing out on some great recipes and fitness inspiration! But besides that, you should sign up for the Foodie Pen Pal Program! It’s a fun way to meet other bloggers and share food favorites. You can read all about how it works here.

The Lean Green Bean

My food package this month came from RC at Just Add Cayenne and I was so excited to receive the package! As usual, I drool over the foods that people send me. I’ll quit talking and let you see what I received.


The first thing in the package were these little babies-Overnight Oatmeal Crisps. They were so great for snacking on and you can get the recipe from RC at his site!

When I saw this Peanut Butter I was SO excited. I love Peanut Butter but I have been eyeing the “Bees Knees” brand for a while and hadn’t made the purchase yet. This honey flavor didn’t last long in our house. I’m thinking maybe 3 days. We go through a lot of Peanut Butter around here.

RC knew that my husband liked spicy foods and sent over this bottle of Texas Champagne, cayenne pepper sauce! This is definitely going on our next batch of Spicy Tilapia Tacos.

I had never heard of Drew’s dressing before and this Smoked Tomato flavor is amazing. I used it to bake chicken in the oven and it was so good! I put more of the sauce on the side and used it to dip my chicken in. You must try.

Here are all the goodies! Thank you to RC for the food package! The husband and I loved it πŸ™‚

After their photo shoot, I dug into the peanut butter with the oatmeal crisps. I pretty much did this all afternoon.

You can read what I gave my Foodie Pen Pal Esther over at Pink and Purple Lemonade!

See you guys later today with the rest of the beach trip re-cap and some workouts!

What’s the best food gift/treat someone has given you?