Good evening! This last week has been amazing! I say week because originally we were going to leave Thursday evening and come back Monday. However due to the storm in South Florida, our flight was delayed Monday until Wednesday. We flew back today and I was very sad to leave. And by sad I mean I was crying a lot and hugging my family members like I’d never see them again. I’m such a baby when it comes to goodbyes.

Our trip to the North Carolina coast was so relaxing and fun. I had intentions of blogging but got caught up in family and decided to soak it up while I could. It had been a long time since our whole family had stayed together in a beach condo and even more fun because now there is an addition to the family- my husband! It was the first time my family had spent longer than a weekend with him because we dated long distance for most of our relationship. When we got married we moved two days after we got back from our honeymoon so needless to say they were happy to get to know him 😉

The first morning there Darin and I went out for a jog on the beach.

Friday was his birthday, look at the cute birthday boy running 🙂

I love runs on the beach. It burns the calves sooo good. We ran down to the pier and back and it felt so good outside. Much better than my morning runs in Florida.

After our run, we came back and did some ab exercises before showering and getting ready for the beach! My brother and Darin whipped up some eggs for us to munch on.

My sister bought me this cute cover up that I ended up living in the whole week. So much for all those clothes I packed!

My beautiful sister sipping her coffee, one of our beach week staples 🙂

Our little cover-ups, the best colors and prints for the beach.

The condo even had a chevron print mug to go with my chevron print cover-up. A little overkill? What can I say I love chevron print.

This was the view from our condo’s back porch. I loved sitting out here in the mornings and evenings with my family.

Our family set up shop as the sun started to come out. This was pretty much a routine everyday. Breakfast, coffee and then beach time all day.

What I loved about Atlantic Beach was how secluded it was. There were people around but nowhere near like other beaches we normally visit.

The birthday boy! I love vacations with him.

Most of the day the boys spent time in the water boogie boarding, board surfing and body surfing. It was hilarious to watch them wipe out with the waves. These waves don’t look big but by the second day of our trip the waves and current were so strong!

My favorite moments were walking on the beach with my sister and mom.


After a day in the sun, we headed upstairs to enjoy a few drinks before heading down for an evening walk on the beach.

While my sister, mom and I looked for shells, Darin and Emma were fishing from the shore.

Emma has grown up so much! She reminds me a lot of myself in how I always wanted to be in the water and on the beach.

Darin loves to fish although he didn’t catch anything this evening.

After wandering around the shore, we went back to the condo to get ready for dinner. My dad bought fresh shrimp from the market and made homemade gumbo. It was so delicious!

After dinner it was time for Darin to open his gifts! My sister and brother pretty much are always making a face in pictures, they make me laugh a lot!

Emma made him a little craft with colorful pipe cleaners that spelled out his name. She added a heart and made sure to let us know she spent extra time on the heart. She may have had a little crush on my husband over the week 😉

After presents, my mom and I fixed the cheesecake (Darin’s favorite) up on a plate with some candles. As you can tell I made this cheesecake myself, paper inserts and all! I really would have made one but you need different kitchen tools for cheesecake than the condo had available for us so Cheesecake Factory did the trick 😉

It was time to sing to the birthday boy! My brother and I were quite enthusiastic in belting out the tune.

This is why I love my family. We are always laughing and being crazy. And I’m so glad that my husband got to experience our closeness over the week, he loved it.

We ended the night with some table chat and living room lounging.

I love my family so much! More pictures and stories to come tomorrow! Be looking out for a heart healthy snack recipe along with a booty workout!

If you could pick one dessert for your birthday what would it be?

Mine would be Coconut Cream Cake.