Good morning! It’s a new week and I’m so excited because Thursday we are leaving for the beach in North Carolina with my family! We are all staying in a condo on the beach Thursday-Monday and this will be the first time we have all been at the beach since I was in middle school. Here’s a weekend re-cap for you!


Friday at the gym was a 1 mile warm-up and this Butt & Legs Workout. I was definitely sore from this one, you will feel the burn in the booty!


Friday night was stay at home & relax with wine & homemade pizza.

This is Eggplant, Tomato & Pesto Pizza. You can find the recipe at the Pioneer Woman’s site.

Flavor & Finds

Saturday was adventure day. We had been talking all week about doing something new in town so we headed to Hollywood Beach for some dinner & live music!

We walked along the inter-coastal waterway to a seafood restaurant I had looked up online. Sadly it was shutdown, somehow that fact didn’t make it on their website! We were starving so we stopped off at Giorgio’s Bakery & Bistro. More than anything we wanted to eat at a restaurant with an outdoor patio on the water.

We had a spot right on the water and it was beautiful.

I love date nights with this man!

They had a lot of different food choices and a lot of Greek inspired food.

I loved the twinkle lights on the patio and how quiet it was along the water.

We shared Rock Shrimp and they were delicious dipped in the roasted tomato sauce.

I ordered the Chicken Crepe with mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes. I didn’t know it was going to be covered in this much sauce! But it was so good. I could only eat half but of course my husband helped eat some too πŸ˜‰

He had the Grilled Grouper with potatoes & vegetables, it was great fish!

After dinner we walked down the beach to the Hollywood Beach Theatre where they were having a live band. It was very tropical, festive music and people were dancing on the sidewalks and having fun! We stayed for a little bit and then wandered around the boardwalk.

We stumbled upon this amazing food spot! Darin informed me that he had never had Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (!!!) so of course I had to educate him on the goodness that is Ben & Jerry.

We sampled a few flavors and both decided on the Coconut 7 Layer Bar Ice Cream. Darin topped his with Reese’s Pieces.

I had mine in a sugar cone, my favorite way to eat ice cream.

This ice cream was heavenly! You know my love for coconut and mixed with Ben & Jerry’s amazing flavor was the best!

I definitely Googled this ice cream afterward and found out they don’t have it in pint form. This is a good and bad thing πŸ™‚

We walked along the boardwalk and down to the ocean, I love the beach at night! It was a wonderful date night overall.

Finds & Fun in the Sun

Speaking of the beach, Sunday was spent in the sun! It was a beautiful day at Pompano Beach and the water was so clear and refreshing.

I’m not a big fan of the ocean when you can’t see what’s around you so the water this day was perfect.

Laying out in the sun is the perfect way to relax on a Sunday.

What’s your favorite way to relax? What is your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?