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Good morning! I will have a WIAW post coming later today but I wanted to share a find with you.


Before I moved from Atlanta in April, I attended an event at Aja restaurant hosted by Eide Magazine. Eide Magazine is a national independent magazine from Atlanta and their articles can be found online featuring beautiful stories on the likes of fashion, art, literature, travel and more. Not only are the stories fascinating but the photography and graphics will catch your eye.

Every month Eide Magazine publishes an online issue focused on a central theme and content that is relevant in our culture today. In addition to providing an online issue, they are seeking to bring their content to us in a way that is convenient and accessible to our everyday lifestyle.

Eide Magazine has set a goal to raise $25,000 to fund:

  • A Hard Cover “Best Of” Eide Magazine
  • Bi-monthly Eide Ipad App Editions

Their goal must be met by August 24th or they won’t raise any funds at all! You can find out more information on their fundraiser and make a donation here.

I was able to meet their editor and several of their writers at the event I mentioned earlier, and I can tell you first hand that their passion for writing and producing a great lifestyle magazine that is appealing to their audience is their top priority. Help fund the cause at their site and help support a great magazine.

Speaking of magazines, what is your favorite magazine?

I love Women’s Health for fitness inspiration, Whole Living for recipe ideas and In Style for fashion features.

From Women’s Health this month, Yoga for Athletes fitness routine.


Fashion inspiration from In Style this month: Xhiliration Top- $15.00.

Summer Trends Under $50


Recipe finds from Whole Living this month: Spiced Avocado Sandwich