Good morning! I’m about to head to work but wanted to share some fitness inspiration with you!


So even though this challenge has already begun, I wanted to share a fitness challenge I’m participating in! It’s the Women’s Crossfit Weighted Sit-ups Challenge.

I found the challenge through The Petite Athleat and even though I don’t do Crossfit, I wanted to incorporate a fitness challenge into my normal workouts!

I started this on Sunday so I was 2 days behind on the challenge. The Women’s Crossfit Facebook page posted a photo of the challenge and depending on how many likes it recieved was how many situps would be done! The rules:

-You have a choice to do the whole 2,376, or do the share we do (which is this number divided by 3 for the total admins of this page), which that number is a total of 792!
-You can use any weight that you are comfortable with, there is no set limit.
-You CAN use the situps you do in your WOD daily to count towards your overall number!

Since I started Sunday that means I need to do 198 situps a day. I’ve been doing 200 with 20lb weights. You can start today and do the 2,376 situps in 10 days which would be 238 weighted situps a day. Or you can do 792 situps in 10 days which would be around 80 a day. Either way it’s great for challenging your core strength and is a fun challenge to incorporate into your workouts!

Here is the workout I completed last night that focused on my legs, glutes and core.

I completed the extra 50 sit-ups yesterday morning as this workout above was 150 reps. I used 20lb dumbbells in each hand for the leg workouts, a 10lb Medicine Ball for the Jump Squats and a 20lb weighted plate for the sit-ups. As always, make sure you focus on form and you can find these exercises online if you aren’t sure the proper form.

Have you ever done a Fitness challenge? This is my first blog fitness challenge! I want to do more over the next few months to challenge myself so let me know if you hear of any!

See you later today with a recipe! Have a wonderful Tuesday!