Good Afternoon! I hope you guys are having a wonderful week! It’s been sunny and hot here yet I have yet to get any sun this week but I’m going to squeeze in some sunshine this weekend! More to come on that later, but for now I have a new recipe and workout for you.


It’s Thirsty Thursday and as always I have a delicious smoothie recipe for you. This one can be adjusted to your flavor liking and will be good either way you try it.

Blueberry Cobbler Smoothie

Serves 2

(1) Banana (frozen preferably)

(1/2) Cup of Blueberries

(1) Cup of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (or milk of choice)

(1/2) Cup of Rolled Oats

(1) Scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder

(1) Cup of Ice

(1) Cup of Baby Spinach Leaves (optional)

I blended all ingredients together first without the spinach leaves and this is the result:

Flavorful and delicious!

I then added the spinach because it is packed with nutrients and an easy way to get my greens in! The sweetness of the banana masks any “earthy” flavor you may fear.


Who doesn’t love a good blueberry cobbler? This smoothie is sweet and tastes so good!



Last night I was browsing the Pinterest boards for some WOD Crossfit workouts I could do at the gym but I couldn’t find one I especially wanted to do last night. I went to the gym with some ‘Pin”spiration with Kettle-bell Swings & Burpees and came up with this Arm workout that left me dripping with sweat!

Do you like adding greens to your smoothies? What is your favorite “extra nutrient” you add to a smoothie?