Good morning! Happy Monday to you all. I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Mine was spent with two lovely ladies in Hobe Sound, Florida. You can catch up on our adventures here.

When I came home on Sunday, I was greeted by this gift from the husband. He found a jewelry stand where the man had brought jewelry back from Zambia and was selling it.

He knows me well, I love these types of bracelets and the earrings match perfectly with most outfits! After relaxing for a little while we both wanted to hit up the gym. The best part about our gym on Sundays is no one is there! I love having free reign of the equipment.


We went for a 1 mile run outside to warm-up and we definitely did, it was so hot out! After that I did a 30 minute butt and hamstring strength workout followed by this 10 Minute Cardio workout. You can easily do this at home or the gym. All you need is a timer. I like to use the Bit App on Iphone but there are so many types or you can use clock on your phone. Set your timer for 10 rounds of 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest.

Follow this Fast & Furious Workout below to get your heart rate pumping! When you rest, don’t sit down but continue to move by walking in place or step touching side to side.

Side Kick-Ups- Start with hands on the ground and kick your legs up and behind you quickly back and forth. You can see video here.Source

So this shirt is a light black color and was drenched after my strength and cardio workout.

I love a good workout that leaves you drenched!


After the gym we ate lunch quickly and then headed to a matinee showing of Brave!

Ever since the previews came out we have been talking about seeing Brave so we decided to hit up an early show on Sunday.

The movie was cute but I definitely would have chosen to wait until it came out to rent than spend $20 total to see it! Movies are just crazy expensive these days. However, I would suggest renting it for a cute family movie.

I spent Sunday night meal planning and watching the Olympics! Post to come later with our weekly meal plans and grocery saving tips!

What movie have you seen recently? Do you like going to the theater or waiting until it comes out on dvd?