Good morning! I stumbled out of bed this morning and didn’t want to open my eyes because Monday’s come way too fast. Anyone else agree? Plus it rained all weekend and I wanted to be in the sun so bad! Hopefully next weekend will bring sunshine.


Saturday night there was some nice weather and a breeze so Darin and I tried out the Village Tavern and to my excitement there was a patio seat. I love the patio at restaurants especially on a nice night.

A glass of wine for me and sweet potato fries for us to share.

Those sweet potato fries were heavenly and the honey mustard sauce was perfect with them. Then it was time to decide what to eat for our main course.

I chose the Chicken Marsala with garlic mashed potatoes and fresh veggies. Darin went with the Colorado chicken with black beans and rice.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this restaurant but our food was delicious. Everything was so fresh, hot and flavorful. We stayed for a while talking on the patio before we headed home to watch a movie. We love date nights!


Sunday afternoon we hit up the gym and both trained our triceps and shoulders. I have a good workout for you guys today that left me sore this morning!

Perform the reps mentioned for each workout and when you finish Plank Rows on the right arm, start back at Overhead Tricep Extensions. Repeat the workouts for a total of 3 rounds.

Overhead Tricep Extensions: I used a weighted ball or you can hold one dumbbell between both hands. Start with the weight overhead and dip the weight back keep your elbows straight and only bringing your arms back. 15x.

Alternating Upright Row- I used 15lb weights for this, use whatever works for you. Holding both weights in hand, row one arm up to your chest and then back down before rowing the other arm up. Do 25 total reps between both arms.

Plank Rows- Starting in a plank with weights below, row your left arm up by your side with a slight twist in your core. Return to start then row on the same arm. You will repeat this 15x and move on to the next exercise before doing the right arm.

Pull-ups- If you don’t have access to a pull-up bar or machine, you can do push-ups for this part. I am terrible at pull-ups so I just started using the machine at our gym. I used the assist bar and did 10 reps. Start by holding onto the handles and pulling yourself up until your chin is at bar height. Return to start and do 10x total.

My goal is to train on Pull-ups 2-3x a week until I can do them on my own like this guy:

Repeat the workout set 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds. Let me know if you try the workout! I’d love to hear your results.

What fitness goal have you set recently? Or what exercise do you want to get better at?