Good evening! I wrote this post from Starbucks earlier this afternoon while my husband was at a corporate meeting in Atlanta. I thought I would be able to submit it but Starbucks wireless was taking forever to load photos so I decided to wait until what I thought was going to be 6pm when we got home. Sadly we didn’t get home until 9pm due to a rough flight, rental car mix up and lost apartment key. But we are home! I was sad to leave my family but such is the grown up life 🙂

Flavor and Finds

Thanks to the help of my friend Mary, I learned that Starbucks has Coconut syrup. My new favorite low calorie drink there: Tall Non-fat Misto with Coconut Syrup. Lattes are a lot of milk and little espresso where as Misto’s are a full cup of brewed coffee with steamed milk on top. I love Mistos and they are cheaper!

Vacation Re-Cap Part II finds us visiting my family in Newnan, Ga. We drove in Monday afternoon and waited for my parents to get off work and my sister and her family to drive down. While we waited we took some photos outside.

I’m sure Darin was thinking, why are we taking a picture of us holding hands? I just love these kind of pics!

I love this stud. We had such a fun time wandering around the farm land.

Once everyone came home, it was time for dinner. After that it was time to celebrate my niece Emma’s 10th birthday! We had cupcakes and she opened presents.

She hit the double digits this year! I can’t believe how grown up she is!

My sister and her daughter are so cute together. You’ve got to love the bunny ears, those never go out of style.

After gifts and dessert, we played a game that she received as one of her gifts. I’m pretty sure we used to play this as a drinking game in college but I wasn’t sure if that would be appropriate with the kids.

Just watching everyone wear these headbands made me laugh. We had a fun evening playing games and catching up with everyone.

Fitness and Flavor

Yesterday my sister and her family left and my parents went to work, so I decided to take Darin on a little sightseeing tour of where I grew up. We found the old rusty bikes behind my parents house and had to get the tires pumped up from a neighbor.

Then we hit the road for a 5 mile bike ride down to a lake and back.

It was close to 12 o’clock and the sun was beaming down on us. Georgia is hot this time of year for sure.

When we got back from our bike ride I decided to hit up a quick 2 mile run which felt more like a 10 mile run in the heat. Not a good idea at that time of day. When my parents came home we cooked up some fresh Asparagus and Tilapia with onions and peppers. It was so delicious!

While the food cooked, I sat out on the front porch with a glass of white wine.

I love the home I grew up in, so much land and beauty.

My mom and I enjoying the weather.

After dinner, we watched Safe House with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds (!!!). I really liked it, it reminded me a little of Bourne Identity. You should watch it if you like action movies.


While I am sad for our vacation to be over, it will be good to get back on a normal routine of working out and eating healthy. This was our first time as a new couple to spend time with our families together so that was a lot of fun and good to see how close we all are together.

See you guys tomorrow with the winner of the Hydration Giveaway! You still have until 11PM EST tonight to enter.

What is your favorite part about visiting family?

My favorite thing is laughing. My family is always laughing because we are crazy when we get together.