Good Morning! I had a brief hiatus as our travels to south Georgia typically means that you are off the grid for the weekend. I had just enough service on my phone for an occasional email to filter in or a Re-Tweet. On Friday we flew into Atlanta and road tripped down to Moultrie, GA where Darin’s family lives.


While packing up Friday morning, I didn’t want to waste the produce we had left in the refrigerator so I packed up a cooler to go on the plane with us. For those of you who don’t want to tote around a hard cooler or look like you are carrying a cooler through the airport, enter fashionable cooler.

I picked up this handy bag to use for work but it also looks like a purse and you can take it with you on trips easily. I found it at Belk for $12 and I use it during the week to pack my salads and snacks for work. I decided to give it a whirl for our trip to help us snack healthy on our road trip.

I packed some fruit, some protein and a salad for me.

I picked up the newest copy of Shape magazine and here was my set up on the airplane.

Once we made it to Atlanta, we picked up Darin’s car and road tripped down to South Georgia.  You can see the line up of cars behind us, aka Atlanta traffic.

Finds and Flavor

We made it to Darin’s moms home Friday evening, ate dinner and spent time talking and catching up.

Saturday morning I woke up to the smell of these.

With some fresh peaches on the side. Yum.

While we waited for breakfast to finish up, someone else was waiting for us to eat as well. He likes to find an occasional crumb. This is Buster, the family dog.

He was a little camera shy at first but then he started posing.

After breakfast I explored Darin’s mom and step-dad’s land. She lives out in the beautiful country. I hope we can one day, I love it here and it reminds me of home.

I wandered around the fields and their garden.

If I lived here I would make wine.

After exploring the farm, we went to a reunion Saturday afternoon with Darin’s dads side of the family. I didn’t have my camera with me unfortunately but we had fun visiting with family and stayed the night at his dad’s house. We spent Sunday afternoon relaxing at his mom’s house and then headed yesterday afternoon to Newnan, GA to see my family! We had a great time visiting with his mom and stepdad.

Re-cap to come of our trip here in Newnan, GA with my family. Darin and I are about to go for a run, and bike around to explore the area.

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

What about you, do you like the country or the city more?

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