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Good morning! Happy Saturday. I’m about to head off to my friend’s wedding in Orlando. But before I do, here is something I have been itching to share with you guys!
The Lean Green Bean
In June I decided to join the Foodie Pen Pal Program from Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean. Lindsay partners you with a Foodie Pen Pal and you get to prepare a package for one person and receive a package from a different Foodie Pen Pal. It was so fun to shop for my Pen Pal and I’m going to share with you the gift package I got! My Foodie Pen pal this month was Elaine. She blogs over at Hungry Brownie and has amazing photography skills and delicious recipes that you should check out!
When I received my box in the mail I was ecstatic! I mean who doesn’t go crazy over food? Especially in gift form when you have no idea what goodies are waiting for you!
I opened the box and probably starting squealing like a little girl. I see Truffle Popcorn and Theo Chocolate. I’m in heaven. (My husband said I got more excited about this food package than most things, is that bad?)
Here are the goods:
Theo Orange Dark Chocolate and Theo Hazelnut Crunch (aka organic Crunch bar, yum). Mango slices from Trader Joes (my absolute favorite when I had a Trader Joes near me). Truffle Salt Popcorn from Seattle (Elaine’s hometown) along with My CHI Delights- Almond and Ginger Sesame Treats. Also included were some yummy Apples and Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal packets, which I love and Market Spice Cinnamon Orange Tea.
One favorite that I ate over the week the first day, was Boecher’s Hazelnuts Crackers.
Omg these crackers were delicious and I felt bad but I ate them all in the first hour that I got the package. I have a slight addiction to crackers and try to not buy them because I will always eat them so this was a special treat.
Also, these Chocolate bars didn’t make it through the night either, they were so amazing.
I loved participating in the Foodie Pen Pal program and I’m excited to be apart of it again in July! If you are interested, please visit Lindsay’s site: The Lean Green Bean and learn all about it!
Thank you so much Elaine for all the delicious goodies. You clearly know my food heart and I loved indulging in these goodies. I may or may have not shared with anyone 🙂