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After seeing Angela‘s recipe for Happy Trails Adventure Cookies last week, I knew I HAD to make them. And not only make them because they looked so delicious and amazing, but I had just the perfect reason to make them. Enter Adventure.

As I stated in my post yesterday I went and visited my friend Alex and Erica in Hobe Sound, Florida yesterday. In tow was an “Adventure” gift bag for them for their 3 week trip to Nicaragua. And every surfer needs sustenance so I embarked on making these cookies.

You can make oat flour as needed in the recipe by grinding rolled oats in a chopper. The only appliance I was able to bring from my wedding gifts was my Ninja chopper/blender so I’m thankful it works well. I can’t wait to use my food processor when we finally get settled, one day. Picture summary for you. Check out the recipe at Oh She Glows site!


These cookies turned out so good. They were easy to make, turned out delicious and husband/friend approved.

I put them in a cute paper bag and headed off on my trek to see the girls.


I have visited Hobe Sound, FL one other time and I love this quaint little town by the sea. People like Celine Dion, Bill Gates, Tiger Woods and Burt Reynolds have lived in Hobe Sound, Florida at one time. When I got to the Mackie house yesterday, we each had gifts for each other!

The ladies gave me an amazing Bob Marley T-shirt.

Then I gave them a little prize package of: Adventure Trails Cookies, Women’s Health Magazine and Tissue Tanks for their beach adventure.

It’s so funny how we each gave each other shirts, we love clothes and each other.


Once I got settled in, we decided to go for a 6 mile run. Thank god for the tropical storm winds in the area because we would have died from heat exhaustion otherwise!

We hit up the road to the beach because I wanted to see the shore and it’s a perfect 3 mile stretch there.

The bridge hill was a little rough but the view from the top was beautiful!

We reached the beach and took a few pics before heading back.

Flavor Part II

After our run, Papa Mackie,(as I like to call their dad), took us out to the Food Shack. This place is seriously amazing and I wish I had taken more pictures to show how cute the inside of their restaurant is. You will have to take a trip just to find out 😉 Their food is one of a kind, signature dishes that are so flavorful and unique.

We all had some form of fish over a bed of veggies and fruit. I had the Coconut Crusted Grouper which words can’t describe how amazing the flavor was. This is Alex’s Sweet Potato Crusted Tuna.

We all shared the “Coconut Banana Whatever”. Whatever it was, it was good.

All around we had an amazing time. I miss them already!

I’m off to the gym for a Leg Workout which I will bring to you tomorrow morning, get ready to feel the burn!!

What is your favorite cookie recipe? I love recipes that are flavorful but easy to make.