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Good morning! Here’s a weekend re-cap for you.


Saturday night was date night and we headed to Stir Crazy. Thankfully we got indoors right before the downpour. Tropical Storm Debby hit us up for some fun over the weekend.

We have been to Stir Crazy one other time when Darin was living in Estero, Florida. We decided to come back a year later but this time in Pembroke Pines.

We had the Chicken Satay as an appetizer. A favorite of ours, especially because of the peanut sauce! So delicious.

You can order food from the menu but most people make their own stir-fry and you just pick your own meat and side item. We both went with brown rice and chicken as our base choices then went to join the crowd in line.


All of their ingredients are fresh chopped veggies, fruit and sauces to choose for mixing.

Our mix-ins. Mine on the left, his on the right. We both made sure to throw in some pineapple, our favorite!

The little chef man cooking away. It’s fun getting to watch them cook your food.

Hers (left) and his (right) stir-fry plates. So yummy!

Another one of our favorite Stir Fry places is Chow Baby in Atlanta. They have so many fresh options and you can make unlimited plates if you didn’t like one of the flavor experiences you made. This is a good and bad thing.


As I shared Saturday, I wanted to do a fun manicure with glitter inspired by Meg, but I ended up switching the colors I was going to do and did a pedicure instead. Wasn’t quite ready for the intense color on my nails yet.

I applied (2) coats of the “tenacious teal” and (1) coat of the “pet my peacock”. Sounds dirty. Then applied a clear top coat and my toes are dazzling!

I also needed to find a dress for my friend Sarah’s wedding this coming weekend so I stopped by Forever 21, knowing that I could find something cute but not too expensive. I found this cute dress. My favorite part is the back that goes into a v. I bought this for only $20.00 and I know I will get a lot of wear out of it besides the wedding.

Followed by these simple leaf earrings for $1.50 to accent the dress.

While I was there I managed to snag these two sports bras. I didn’t know Forever 21 had an active line and if you haven’t checked it out, you should stat. The purple one was $12 and the black $9. I usually spend that much total on one anywhere else.

Did you do anything fun over the weekend? Any new finds? Please share!

Monday Motivation: While watching the movie Blow on Saturday night, Darin and I loved the quote from Johnny Depp at the end: “Life passes most people by while they’re making grand plans for it.” Read it a few times, let it sink in. It’s good. Ok have a wonderful morning! See you later with some workout motivation!