Good morning! Happy Friday! The weekend is officially here. We are about to trek from our house south of Atlanta to the North Carolina mountains. Finds to come from our trip when I get back Monday!

What fun things are you getting into this weekend?

Fitness, Flavor, Finds

When starting this blog I wanted to focus on Fitness, Flavor and Finds. I want to continue this but some of my posts may have all three or some of them may just have one. I don’t want to focus so much on all three at once but want to give you a variety throughout the week! I hope that you enjoy.

Fresh Life Findings

I wanted to share my home with you this morning.

I grew up on this farm 30 minutes south of Atlanta with my family my whole life. My parents still live here and I love coming home to this beautiful field.

This morning when I woke up, our neighbor had brought over some fresh produce from his garden.

Look how big the squash and zucchini are! Insane. My mom also had a friend bring her some fresh eggs from her different types of chickens. I love how they all are different. Just goes to show you the mass production of eggs at the grocery compared to your neighbors chickens.

Right before I flew up here on Friday, I passed a local organic produce stand that I’m excited to visit next week in Florida! I’ll let you know what I find 😉

I hope that you guys have a wonderful weekend! Get that Friday Fitness in! I’m going to go for a run this evening in the mountains and I encourage you to get moving and do some form of exercise today before the weekend starts! Here is some fitness inspiration for your Friday.

I love these Tone It Up girls.

Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest

This dog made me laugh so I had to share with you. Hilarious.

Source: via Cathy on Pinterest

Do you like to run? If not, what is your favorite form of exercise?