If you are friends with me you have probably heard me talk about BodyRock. I first learned about this site two years ago and started doing their workouts with host Zuzana. In the last year Zuzana split away and is doing her own thing on YouTube videos. I still follow both BodyRock.TV and Zuzana because I love their workouts and they challenge me. Here is the workout I did from Zuzana (Zuzka) Light today.

Click on the link to watch her video instructions, she modifies workouts and is overall an amazing instructor: ZWOW #19

I got my water bottle ready for the workout equipment.

ZWow #19- 5 rounds of 6 workouts

Water Bottle Clean- 10x

Pistol Squats- 10x (these are soo hard for me to do, if they hurt your knees I’d stick with keeping your non-standing leg kicked back or do a regular squat.)

Water Bottle Push Up- 10x

Russian Twist- 10x

Hip Twist- 10x (these worked my inner thighs well)

Hollow Rock- 10x ( I was shaking)

This workout took me 25 minutes to do but if you don’t have that much time you can cut down the rounds to 3 and still get a good workout in.

I followed this up with a 10 minute stair run- 30 seconds running, 30 seconds walking. If you can’t afford a gym, you can still workout everyday at home. There are so many workouts available online and you don’t need to workout for an hour. If you are moderately eating clean, whole foods and being active- your body will show it. Speaking of eating well…


It’s Thirsty Thursday! Here is a new smoothie recipe for you:

Peaches n’ Cream Paradise Smoothie

(if only this could have rum in it)

(1) banana

(1) peach

(1/4) cup of oats

(1) scoop of Sun Warrior Vanilla Protein Powder (or any brand of choice, vanilla flavor though)

(1) tbsp of Flax Seed (not needed, just for extra nutrients)

(1) cup of Unsweetened Coconut Milk (or any milk of choice)

(1) cup of ice

Add all ingredients to the blender and shake it up, baby!

Sip your smoothie and enjoy the day! This was my post workout recovery shake/lunch.


I ran out to do some errands this morning and needed a few ingredients for my recipe I will be sharing tomorrow. I stumbled upon a Natural Foods Store right by our apartment in a small shopping center. Things I found…

Almond Cheese- a healthy cheese alternative. I have yet to try but my friend Abby has raved about it, especially on pizza!

Ezekiel Bread Tortillas- only 80 calories and very healthy!

Coconut milk- finally! I have looked all over down here and no one carries it. Darin will be so happy when he finds out I bought some.

Also they have the grains bins that I love…

I also ended up meeting a girl my age who was giving samples of anti-aging skin treatments and we talked about the area, since I’ve only been here a month. She said this store has weekly classes you can come and learn about healthy recipes, information on physical health, etc. So of course I signed up…

Patricia Bragg, of Bragg Health Product (liquid aminos, apple cider vinegar, etc) will be speaking! The sign up sheet was already filling up so I signed up. I’d love to hear her thoughts on a healthy lifestyle.

I also signed up for one next week, I’m hoping to meet some people with the same interests as me in the area!

Not to mention they are free! So awesome!

Thursday Thoughts: “I take delight in the newness of my body–in the newness of my thoughts–in my growing youth.” – Paul Bragg