Happy Friday! Our friends Ashley and Cord are here and we have already opened a beer and are enjoying the Florida weather. I hope you have a fabulous weekend- here’s a workout to get you moving.


Today was a hectic day with friends coming into town but we are so excited to have them here! But I was able to squeeze in a little Butt Buster workout! It’s Friday Fitness day and let’s get that booty into shape for bikini season.

If you want to burn some extra calories, go for a 3 mile run after this workout. Getting your strength in before cardio will help you not burn out during reps.


I stopped by Whole Foods for a salad from their Salad Bar. I challenge you today to incorporate some greens into your meals. Salads don’t have to be boring and trying new toppings will help you mix up the old lettuce and tomato mix.

My favorite salad topping flavors:

–       Quinoa

–       Black Beans

–       Edamame

–       Avocado

–       Goat Cheese

–       Bell Peppers

–       Walnuts

–       Almonds

–       Cilantro

What are your favorite salad toppings? I want to try some new ones 🙂


Yesterday, while on the way to work, I spotted a farmer’s market right near our apartment. I didn’t have time to stop so I checked it on my phone. Everyone was raving how they had the best deals on produce and an amazing stock. Since leaving Atlanta, I didn’t know if I would ever find a place like Dekalb Farmer’s Market. Since our friends were coming into town and we had plans to make things such as corn on the grill and sangria, I thought a deal on produce would be a perfect stop! I went this morning to Stile’s Farmer’s Market and was so impressed with the prices!


I got all of the produce below for $30.00

Do you have a local farmer’s market that you like to visit? I love them and hope to find more in the area.

Enjoy your weekend and I will post some fun finds from our weekend exploring Miami for the first time!