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This weekend was a whirlwind. Because of some amazing friends, I was able to fly home to partake in family time at the mountains along with a summer concert. More on that to come, but for now how about some Monday Motivation??


I was able to sneak in a few HIIT workouts over the weekend which helped since being in the mountains with family typically means overindulgence in chips and guacamole. Not to mention a few beers at the concert. Summer+outdoor concert=beer.

But the weekend is over and now it’s time for some motivation! It’s easy to over eat on a weekend or skip a workout due to an event, but you can’t let one short coming cause you to continue this pattern. It’s a new day so I challenge you to to embrace the start of a new week and get your body moving! My motivation comes from a desire to be healthy and to look and feel my best everyday. Seeing other people out for a run or shopping for fresh produce encourages me to do the same! What motivates you?

Doesn’t this open road through the mountains make you want to get out there?

Challenge: Go for a 3 mile run (outdoors or on a treadmill) alternating 1 minute of running at a steady pace and 30 seconds of sprinting or running all out. While any form of exercise will burn calories, mixing up your pace instead of a steady pace will kick-start your metabolism.


One thing I have found as a challenge over the years is healthy eating while traveling. Road trips are a little easier if you pack a cooler of fresh fruits and veggies along with some trail mix. But flying has its drawbacks. When I got to the airport today the smells of cookies and Starbucks were what hit me. But I chose to bypass the junk food and stopped by the Au Bon Pain kiosk. I picked up:

I unfortunately didn’t get to snag a picture of the fruit before I inhaled it all.

Plus some FIJI water to keep me hydrated.

Some other healthy food options while traveling:

– Fruit and Nut Trail Mix (not with candy in the mix)

– Dried Fruit unsweetened

– Yogurt parfait (usually at Starbucks)

– Fresh fruit or veggie packs

– Clif Bar or Kind Bar


As I was saying earlier, I was able to visit my family this weekend. We have a mountain house in Murphy, North Carolina and we were able to explore the local artists market.

My sister, Leah and I enjoying the Saturday market.

A local jewelry artist made these beautiful leaf earrings for me. Turquoise is my favorite stone and color so she added a touch of it to these leaves. I love them.

I found these kitchen storage canisters at a local antique shop in Murphy. I thought there was only one tin until I opened it to find 3 more inside. I love the stenciling and tin design- only $5. Perfect for the kitchen!

See you guys tomorrow with a new workout and healthy recipe!

Monday Mantra

You’ve got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough I can have it. It’s called perseverance.” ~ Lee Iacocca